Dec 17, 2020

Flip-Flop Thoughts

An unsettling thought and my chaotic laptop

Ideas all cramped in.

Wanting to explode from the crackpot 

The linear career graphs on the inside 

Colliding against the elliptical aspirations

Quiet a handful, were waiting to be tried 

Alongside a multitude of ambitions 

Retrieving data on skills learnt and unlearnt 

Entangled between those strings, left unburnt

And like that pendulum on the wall

I kept swinging, never knowing I could fall

Until the fall was the only FAIR-WELL

And I at last, had all the peace to tell

To be picked up or may be dumped this time

As the needles struck Half past Nine,

And the dinner was laid with a cheery jibe

Like that mildew in the sun, I missed it's vibe

For those around, represented another Tribe

Of Machines, Material or Cars, they describe 

As I walk up and retire to my Room

My clumsy corner with books and gloom

The desire of not making-it-too-SOON

As the Sun was making it's way to MOON.

Not knowing what are the parallels that I could draw,

Between the glowing dusk and a dawn that was raw.

Between the 'Thrill of Living' and that 'Standalone Death' 

If I should keep on holding or just let go off my BREATH?