Aug 14, 2017

Krishna Katha

The word "Krishna" or "कृष्णा", has a beautiful connotation to it. My memory of Krishna stretches back to as old as some thirty years. Without consciously attempting or acknowledging, I had literally assumed the favorite pose of Krishna. Be it temples, or general conversations,school punishments or assembly gatherings, waiting in queues or any activity that demanded me to be upright, I was always standing cross legged as if ready to play his favorite flute aka 'bansuri'. The best thing, in the growing up years Mahabharata & Bhagwad Gita shlokas added more information to my repository of Krishna, 'the unconscious love'. In grade third or fourth, I got to know my adorable grandma shared the same name. And thus this saga of unconscious love for Krishna, started. When i was in my late twenties, I started visiting ISKCON & learnt further about him, his beliefs & teachings. Krishna, is absolute happiness,pure bliss. One look at him, and the only emotion that encapsulates you all around is a pristine ecstasy, a soul quenching happiness & a super illuminated smile. Such is his, aura. It's on this auspicious occasion of Krishna Janmashtami that I would love to share with the world, all that I got enlightened to, in these years:
  1. Our mind can be the best friend yet the worst enemy. Master it right!
  2. This mind is fickle and so, it won’t obey us but every time, it misbehaves, let’s not forget to use the intellect at our discretion and balance it back.
  3. With good work, you can be sure of never coming to a bad end.
  4. Set your heart upon the work, not the reward.
  5. To always live in freedom, never get attached to results. The action as a result, won’t cling to you either.
  6. We are made by our beliefs. As we believe, so are we.
  7. Austerity of speech consists in speaking truthfully and beneficially. Avoid speech that offends.
  8. Know that the three gates to self –destruction are Anger, Greed & Lust.
  9. Only when we can give up all attachments, can we really love others. This is the kind of love that is pure and divine.
  10. When we can truly empathize with others around us, we attain a state of highest spiritual union.
  11. Let not ego, envy, greed and lust be your guiding forces. Act with compassion, devotion, humility & love.
  12. True knowledge and Pure Love can only be attained by a Human being.
As I grow and go, I will keep learning, deciphering & submerging my soul, in this purest form of eternal happiness. 

Radhe Radhe! 
Happy Janmashtami 

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