Aug 17, 2017

Important ain't a Thing

The luscious rose gardens that you laid
The six yard drapes or the twisty braid
The games of love & lust, you played
To lock me up, in your fancy cage
But it's my song. To my tunes, I played..
Important is not, what you men made...

Its the change, now you see in my chase

The push I made, all through this phase
It's the free motion, in swing of my thumb, 
That tells u, NO, I would be no more, numb
No more tricking me, into another facade
For I have those bills, last month you paid
For the spas & dinners, with women you had
This time, I am just sorry. I am no more mad...

It's not a solitaire, with-all-that-bling

Or the silken scarves, to which they cling
That pricey linen, that you always bring
To make your way, through my G-string
Let me confess, had it been better, a fling 
Oh Darling! since important ain't a thing...

Its the persistence in my stare,

With the waves, riding my hair
Its the freak, in my tone
That which shivers your bone 
No feeble shrills, No fancy drills
I know what you've been up to
For your want of, cheap thrills 

It's the respect that I sought, you chose to ignore

While narrating the tales, of your female folklore
But baby, do hear me, just one last time
My whims & fancies don't cost a dime
I tried being there for you, all this time
And you just took it, with a dash of lime

Now I owe myself, the curves on my lips

I taught myself, how to park my ships
I love it way more, in these solo trips
I can rip my jeans and ignore your quips
I am in high spirits, now being this single woman
My glee, you see, doesn't need the arms of a man 

It's the power of my smiles

My journey, all these miles
Its a teeny-weeny toast, that now I rose
With the group of friends, I only chose 
And do notice my sleeves, the way I roll
The roast I send, enough to tickle your soul
My freedom I define, it's the way I host 
No more, chained by your foghorn boast 

My choice, My voice, My freedom I reclaim

As I throw off your ring, not worth the pain
Its my happiness pervert, that you cant bring
Honey, hope you got, 'Important ain't a Thing'

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