May 12, 2017

Quote for the Day (1)

When your poison is remembrance,
You would choose not to flaunt
It’s the flesh, which seeks attention....
The soul has no wants!!


May 8, 2017

THE TEEN REALMS (A journey thru dreams...)

I woke up to a dream,
A dream so disturbing....
Of notebooks and classrooms and teachers to pals
So much I did, only to win through the exam halls
How my dreams, suddenly turned so redundant?
And still, I could wear that smile as resplendent
Night after night, I kept closing my jaded eyes...
To dream of a hallway of fame with that prize
With thunders of applause and charms abundant
And the sight of an oasis, beyond the sand

The transition was soar, like never before
My happiness quotient, now defined by scores
Spells of envy had quietly been seeded,
We would say - 
We are friends, when we actually competed
Where did it come from, how could it brew?
My dreams were clueless, just like me and you

I was traveling cities, had to beat some shit
‘To compete, to be....never should I quit’
I slept with eyes open for the board's score beat
Only to wake up amidst, my summer retreat

That innocence had sublimed, I was a frantic spirit
Exit "Adolescence", I had grown up to be a misfit 


THE CHILD IN ME (A journey thru dreams..)

I woke up to a dream,
A dream so pristine....

Between placid meadows and floral scents
The arty laces encasing all the presents
With luscious lavenders and riant roses
The kind of pinks from poems and prose’s
Elaborate brocades outlined my linen
Silk ribbons holding, my hair insane

My Barbie dolls and those teddy bears
I held ‘em close, for losing.... I feared

That revealing smile, I always wore on my lips
As they kissed and dressed me, fastening the zips

Zips that were only meant to seal....
My thoughts, my fate, my plans and fears
My freedom of speech in the coming years
And to succumb silently, without any tears

I knew of nothing, no hate, no lust
As I lay playing with the silver dust
“Greet and Smile”, was always a must
This world is good, so you must trust

I was there, now heading into my teens
Look through me, to be able to believe in



It’s dark again…..
That time around, when the bejeweled night sky would ascend
Wearing an illuminated cloak, swiftly wiping every nook and corner
And then.....
Rolling out a salver
It would elegantly spread out, some lustrous delicacies to attend
With its tiny, twinkling and sturdy stars
Amassed into galaxies, near and far....

Wrapped in the celestial ecstasy and charms
Some hearts seem busy, plaiting silver yarns
Into a pergola of plummeting peonies and pansies
To titivate altars of unspoken-unheard fantasies

And through my nerves, creeps in a mystic breeze
Abolishing all hurting and smoothening all crease

Whilst the pearly bubble molds swiftly into a crescent
The soul encaged within, escapes my naive skeleton, 
Fighting vehemently the muscles, ligaments and tendons
Unwrapping to float, like passing flames of the lantern

Now numbness prevails.. with all its might
Is it the death of a day or infancy of a night?

There is but only stillness around,....