Mar 29, 2014

THE Flashbacks

New dawn, New light and yet another New year
Some riddles, some facts, some dreams and fears

Myriads of people, and umpteen encounters
The last few months and those over the counters
I was flipping through them every day by day
As I was lying in my bed, waiting for the new day

Though I know, its past and it would never come back
And still I had these memories, rolled up my slacks
The flashbacks of my past!
Just a way of understanding
The codes of present and the process of learning
There was this realization at some point, I felt
It's being here, and that's to be importantly dealt

The bruises would heal and the scars would go
From the flashbacks, thats the only truth- I know
The clock is ticking and the hours are going by
The possibilities are receding as the seconds fly

No, I dont want to be a prisoner
I don't wish to in chains again
And, I am trying to fight my fears
It's time to firmly hold those reigns
And Escapes are no more the ways
I won't let these flashbacks play a menace

Yes, the past is prologue and I tell it to myself
In the realms of the gone, I'm exploring the self
If only..... No, i don't wish to feel like shit
It's now and it's here. I ain't calling it quits

And, I am giving up on dwelling
And, I have started to dream
Yes, I have blind folded the flashbacks
And I am ready to LIVE....

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