Mar 29, 2014


When you seek to trust, you got to be deceived
And when you chase a path, you have to be retrieved
When you unleash the chains, you know you got to be tamed
And when, you defy the rules, sorry but you are defamed

So, when you skip the boundaries, tighten your calves
When you take that big leap, make sure, you work up your abs
And when you make that stride, be prepared, you may fall
So, when you set out to rock, you need to be on the roll

To every ray, there is always some light
Don't over look though the might of a plight
Embrace the extremes, and go conquer your dreams
The contraries prepare you for winning realms

1 comment:

  1. Good to see you are beginning to realise you need to live. Best wishes. May god give you strength for your new found courage.