Mar 31, 2014

REVIEW & RELOOK at the movie "Aankhon Dekhi"

Not essentially, that I am  a critic or a movie rater, but then...once in a while there are few stories, novels or cinema, that do call for attention. The year 2014 has delivered well so far, on these grounds. The recent watch that makes me write about itself is the Sanjay Mishra and Rajat Kapoor's movie 'Aankhon Dekhi'. Set in a simple and no razzmatazz backdrop of a patriarch family set up, from Old Delhi....this movie is about the beliefs of a old man who transcends from an ordinary and daily chore working service class, routine bread winner to a revolutionary thinker, who defies to see the world as it is told to him. He goes by his own advocacy of "Only Seeing is Believing". Seemingly, an idealist, foolish and may be conceited approach as many would look at it, the movie evolves as a thought and proceeds through the often overlooked facts and dogmas, stated by our closed social norms and ideologies. 

For instance, the question on gravity with his neighbours, or be it the confrontation about why do we teach what's not a reality? I specifically, loved the questions he throws out at the maths teacher, when his grandson fails to clear his mathematics paper at school. Why do we profess that 'Two parallel lines intersect each other at infinity' whereas, we know it all for a fact that, this is definitely a stated arithmetic, but does it really happen? There is no definition for Infinity. So true, to the point........Infinity is definitely something, we would classify as intangible or unrealistic but then, how do we state this theory for a fact. This somehow, very well simplifies the thought that Life that we live, often lies between the desires and the realities and the fact, that they never ever meet in resonance. The most beautiful fact about the plot and narration, is its simplicity. The protagonist aka the main lead is both the Wise and Fool at the same time, on the lines he thinks and questions and the way society responds to it. 

Likewise, this year the other two releases, I really found beautiful, simple and realistic cinema were Highway, followed by Queen. Simple plots, real thoughts, explorations, beliefs, and the quest for self, the truth. However, I am sure unlike Highway and Queen, may be 'Aankhon Dekhi' might not attract public love and attention as much as for the real theatre crowd and followers, may be because of its facile logic, offbeat humor, bare truth and simple characters. I wonder, if really many would have really appreciated the music in the movie..... But it was soulful, meaningful and made all the sense, I could relate to a thought provoking cinema. 

I would sign off here, with no more grilling attempts at the cinema and the audience. It was just one thing that asked me for penning down, a memory, an experience and so I did. No offenses meant to anyone, though...... 

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