Mar 29, 2014

Pitter Patter Rain Drops

It's drizzling today...after a while..But I still feel sooo scanty on rains. Its like, there has been no water for ages and I was forced to be surviving in a desert. Hell, let de rains pour in...let de water flow, let de rain drops fall on, let de river beds roll on... and let de sun vanish. It's high time.... Some 'showers' are much needed, or else I just can't survive the heat of this scorching summer sun.......

I badly need these tiny, transparent, crystal like wet coolers, the tiny water droplets pouring down on the earth, gently touching & moistening the skin, soaking the souls & making life appear, greener than ever. Oh, that lovely smell of the wet earth around me.... I can just feel it. It's just so soothing, so pure, so captivating and evoking but yet so untouched & raw.

I need the rain drops to soak my soul and drench my thirst & make me feel content, for once. I wonder why but I have always been restless and discontent with myself. May be because, there are many a dreams and far more expectations from life, that never seem to get fulfilled. The zest for unravelling the mysteries, unlearning and learning, the adventures of unknown, the untravelled pathways, the not so heard tones, the fragrances, the beauty, the themes, the vivacious colors, the splendid stories, they all ....pull me, a step closer and then, they keep me longing for more and more. They don't scare me but they always drag me to those extremes where I still realize I am sooo vacant, terribly incomplete and yet, at the distance that would forever stay this way. The few things, those small dreams and that never ending wait for that someone special has been on for ages and I look back to see, how far I have travelled but I still see my destiny, way ahead of me. The dreams that seem so pure and livable are always more like a myriad that stay by my side against all odds and evens, against those stupidities and glories, against all that I can't take and get through.

I wonder, if this is existence of me? Do I really exist? Are my dreams sane? What am i really feeling like? Whats on? Where am I headed? What is it that, I am desperately seeking? And then, i hear the downpour stop......ohhhhh!!! And with that, my heart skips a beat. Well, I am back to where I belong. The rains have stopped and its time, I get back to some serious work. 

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