Aug 23, 2013


Its been a while, Several years slipped by, 
By Days & Hours, Another Era would Fly.....
And I have had a hard time, Understanding the mysteries
Now, I am unlearning the lessons, learning the trickery

What was earlier not so easy to Tame,
I decided to set it free and untamed
The Aroma, The Bliss, The Blossom, The Light
They have converted to a Moonless Night
The Innocence, The Truth, The Laughter evaded
The Manipulations and the Lies invaded

And every day, those chances go dim
Of the Light that shone, from within
I am Less of Me, and Less of Anything I dreamt to be
I am Changing drastically, I am Changing Within

The Change is my Power, my Power to Breathe
I am living undercover, I am living Beneath
Beneath the shades of Black & Grey
I dream to Change, the entire array

Recycling the Beliefs & Thoughts
To revise the yesteryear building blocks
I am unloading the burnt of past
I am reliving the lost and last

I am living and giving away
I am transcending, each passing day
Recovering the passion, I once left thin
I am unleashing the change within......

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