Aug 23, 2013


Its been a while, and I am pacing with life
Dreaming and daring...
Gracing the truth and unbelieving all the strive
Accepting and ignoring....

The changes of moods, the perplexing emotions
The crowd around and those changing notions
Day after day, I see my faith die
Below the folds of endless tries

The game they started, never seems to end
And i keep playing, expecting a change in trend

Real friends taking to those shameful acts
The lame arguments to those proven facts
Fancy dreams switching to the bitter truths
Real love in the name of fascinating hues

I feel disturbed, perturbed and diseased
Am ridiculed, deprived and decreased
I am suddenly started feeling out of the place
I am a misfit, yes I know ...its a disgrace

But I look beyond and i question myself 'WHY"
Who got me here? Was it just Me, You or I?
And i sink in my thoughts and I come to realize
I lacked the Real eyes to realize those LIES

No one is to be blamed, I take the blame on me
How could I be a pervert?.... unseeing the seen
Now I have reached where, nothing can be undone
I take on to a journey again, and I play shotguns

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