Aug 8, 2012


The question inside was Me, My existence, its truth and its meaning and while I was delving deeper in these thoughts, a sudden realization came as to where are the grassroots? Probably that is where I should start from to satiate myself with all the questions and puzzles about my being. 

WHAT DEFINES ME? Is it my outer aura or the inner soul? Is it the flesh and bones or the thoughts and wisdom? Is it the spoken words or the silent conversations? Is it about the real or the ideal? And as I sat in my silent and comfort zone, I started penning down incidences that would help me reveal myself.  And that is where the metamorphosis of external started and after peeling off a couple of layers, I progressed to the internal self… 

I was wondering what if the material ceased to exist, would it tamper my existence too and the answer was No. I then introspected what if I loose all that I have yearned for and earned, would it change the ‘Me’ inside me and yet again the answer came out loud and clear as a simple No. What if people around me change, what if relationships outgrow? Would that manage to change my identity? Of course not! And then I related to the fact that myself is lying intact within me even if it’s exposed to the external environment, it’s that one valuable thing that is permanent and preserved deep inside me and would never change, no matter subjected to what.  My soul beholds the most precious things that cannot be taken from me. I definitely have a body but then, I am all but most importantly,  A SOUL.

Now that the soul is what makes me, I owe a greater responsibility towards it. Don’t I need to nurture it, like I nurture the body that holds me inside? And all that could come to my mind was, through acceptance, persistence, tolerance and independence as these seemed to be the key ingredients to happiness and cheerfulness. And I agree, as per the Maslow’s law of hierarchy of needs, he quotes the highest is Self-Realization that comes through the search of this truth, and the only biggest truth, the SOUL. 

If we observe the artists, the musicians or the writers, their creations are the inner reflections of their true self.  What they paint, write or create is no rocket science or an exclusive work of art but just a part of their soul. It’s an extension of the soul that is trying to spark a connection with the outer world. It’s a glimpse of their nature. The soul never thinks without a picture. It has its imaginary sketch board where it creates and paints and then reveals through different mediums. It is with kindness and the good deeds that we manage to nourish our souls. And we need to continue doing this for it is with the soul that we can understand and experience the feelings. Without a soul, the body is rendered useless to ecstasy, pain, grief, relief, happiness or sorrows of this world. Any knowledge is non-existent if emotions are lacking. We often grow up learning truths but they shape into a fact only when we have felt its force, its strength.  To the acceptance of the head, there should be tied the experience of our soul. That’s how we learn, we nurture ourselves and this is how we grow. And it’s the strength of a soul that decides the course of our journey on this earth. There is no accident, no obstacle, no discouragement, no fate, no miracle and no destiny that can ever challenge a determined soul. And now that I have realized the power of my soul, I know who I am and I know how to map out the course of my journey on this planet and come out brighter and stronger.