Jul 30, 2012


From the break of a dawn to the dark of the night
From the realms of the past, to an evolving plight
I stand for my beliefs, and these dreams and insight

From a girl-next-door to a woman who doesn’t bear
From the dreams I have lived, to the dreads I fear
I have been walking on the paths that are not so clear

I see I am transcending, and I don’t see where I am going
And it comes to my realization, like a river I am flowing
I want to roar and to rise and I don’t know, if I am growing
I know where I have come from but not sure where I am going

I laugh out loud, and I can scream in the pain
I have been stumbling and falling and been insane
I am so scared of loosing but am pitying this game
I have been going around yet am breaking this chain

With my heart surrendered and yet the head so high
The time is rolling and the memories, they fly me by
Now the truth just seems to be another sugarcoated lie
And I have questions surrounding, as to how and why

There is nothing till date that has changed inside
And I am wondering as yet, where do memories reside
Do they stay with me or just they stalk and then hide
The answers never surface and this truth subsides

Is it the edge where I start, or the end of this journey?
Is it the beginning of a course or the end of a beginning?

Though they seem to me, just like evolution of an origin
I am scared to define, and I don’t want it to be pinned

I am living it off with no pains and grins
But I wish the best, for it’s a valuable thing
The Gift of God, our life and upbringings
I wish to live and to remove all the sins

I have been an extremist and I don’t understand minus feelings
I live to explore, to grow and to do the humane things

Being deprived of what I owe to me, I still go on
With the truth inside, I don’t wish to pile on

I just live on and on, and over the bridge
I tread to it and then, I break all free

The universe conspires, and I bring it on
I live to be me, I don’t wish to be a moron