Jan 24, 2012

Naya Raasta......

Kuch gumshudaa, kuch bewazah
Main dhoondhti honn, ki kuch to ho wazah

Wazah har baat ki, wazah is mulaakaat ki
Wazah is saath ki, har ulajhi si baat ki

Kyun hai ye kaynaat? kyun hoon main tere saath?
Kyun na main ji sakoon? wahaan jahaan nahin jazbaat

Kyun hai ye kehkasaan? kyun na tu hota hai rawaan?
Kyun hai ye raat kyun? ye ansuni baat kyun?

Ye bandishein tod doon, main apna rukh mod doon
Kyun naa hoon main judaa, nahin jab tu khuda

Ki ab main laapata, jo chahey dhoondta chala
Ye sab hai bewajah, nahin ye mera raasta....

Nayi subah meri, nayi shaamein hain ab
Naa mera hai sabab, naa ab tu besabab

Ki ab rukh mod lein, ye chilman chod dein
Naya chunein raasta, ye humko hai vaasta......

Some Candid Thoughts.........

Live your life or live with dreams
They are way apart, there are extremes
Choose to be now, or stay to be chosen
You decide your course, or stay in the oven
What is meant to be, would always be
Let the course decide, its destiny
Me and you, we're just part of the game
We play to loose, to win, to victory, to fame
It's easy, it's neat, it's sanctity to say
When you want to leave, when you want to stay
Act, react, and defy the moods
Realize the truth and act to your roots.........