Aug 30, 2011

VOIDS [The only constants]

The eyes that stare, the hearts that fear
The mind that hears and the souls that bear,
They are all devoid, and dwelling in voids....

Incomplete inside, but they beam with life
Words and silence, reality and incidence
The smiles and thoughts, the unruly dialogues
The absence of sensations, the silent vibrations
The lost and dutiful, the ugly and the beautiful

Words don't mean real, they are released to appeal
The thoughts are shallow, that the souls just swallow
The past is lost, present just survives, the future stalks

No heart that pains? No touch that heals
No truth inside, no reality based lives
No names, no games, even the truth is ashamed

There is a VOID that dwells,
That creeps in and rebels
It shakes, and waits and silently it tells
Where are thou Human? Where do thee dwell?


I see through the world and see it shine
I look at a verse and I start my rhyme
I look at the ocean & think of divine
I sail beyond & I realize, its all fine!!!

The senses, the dreams, the truth seems dime
I toss them in the air, and see it all sublime
My senses claim, they are no more inclined
And I dissolve, like I have it….. all declined

I don’t own this minute, I just owe a second
I live beyond and I have started to pretend
The pains and the pleasures, they are no more mine
I have faked it all and ahead of it, they are a crime

Let it go, let it pass and let me just strive
I will work it through and I’ll survive
I’ll loose it all, and I’ll win again
Have I lost it all, I’ll still be game

Just watch it in, and watch through it
It’s an unfair game and we all spit...
We love, we hate, and we fight it through
We blink away this mist and wipe the dews

On the spot, we stand, we are all ashamed
We know it all, we've been called those names
And we end it up, like we were playing a game
Ridiculed, and perturbed, we name this FAME .........