Jan 2, 2011

'A Thought' to start with......

Its just another year that has unfolded.... The time when we revisit the actions of the past and plan ahead for the year. Like always, we get stuck on what is right and wrong, what is truth and not, is it only good that counts or the success? It all emancipates with the idea of having an achievement and then, we want that to count as a good deed too. The moral police always has its say but then, at the same time, we want our achievements to be quantified too.

Why is it that every time, a life comes into existence, we think through a lot before we give it a name? We consult end number of sources, just to ensure that this new life marks goodness and righteousness but we still, want it to be glued to astounding success, at the same time. What is it that we are each seeking in this life? Everyone again might have a different perspective to it but isn't the root where it all originates from, somewhere still in question. Why do we adore something but love, yet another thing? Like for instance, we adore men who possess qualities like kindness and generosity, are trustworthy and chivalrous? However, when we start counting the outcomes and take into account profits, we like men who have there way with words, who are cunning, tactful, curt and just result oriented. How then one defines what is right and what is wrong?

In terms of moral police, good or right are equivalent to actions that are within the limits of law and institution whereas, when it comes to practice, its always more individualistic. For someone, it could be the way there means of achievements outline it or the manifestations of their inner souls. But then, do we really look that deeper to seek answers? Referring back to epics like Mahabharat, its yet ironical that more people identify and revere to the character of Arjuna (the achiever) than Yudhisthira (the moral fighter). Isn't it always that outcomes overweigh the means we undertake, to achieve them. Its often illusive to demarcate between the two, because they run in parallel yet there is always a distinction to them. After all this, I am sure, the question would be what are we talking about here?

Like when I started, I said its another year where we set up targets, dream of achievements and get on our toes, to turn them into realities, shouldn't we also take a minute to just think through? May be we are contributing to the economic growth and working on making our nation, a super power but somewhere, down the line we are building up a confused future for the generations to come. They like us would still be battling between the accomplishments made and the means they have resorted to. However, like in a war, we do say "Everything is fair" but then lets, not forget the objective for which a war is waged every time, it is. Its not always victory that counts, the sole aim is to purify the dwellings, to cleanse the souls and eradicate the negativities...........

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