May 23, 2010

Let me breathe, Leave me be...

I started to wonder,
Whats going under?
And how many deals have been made?
And the number of times, I've been laid

I move away thinking, its doing no good
Be it hundred or thousand miles, it just wont help
Just like I thought, it anyways would
Help me, I am begging you please
Cuz you have got the power, down on my knees
Give me some kind of life
Let me breathe, leave me be...

Take these chains off
Take'em off my heart
Don't you see man, I cant take it
You got me living and every time, you repeat it
I dont wish to feel like that bloodstone
That hurts the hands, holding it

Reach out to me, I'm lying by the grave
I tried to run, but I'm tied to you like a slave
Its my fault for loving you sooo
You were so precious, how could I know
And then ytou turned mean overnight
Poor, poor me and my bleeding plight

I dont owe you anything
Why cant I get you out of my life
Through it all, the memories cling
And I'm playing hide and seek
With my gloomy days and sleepless nights

Help me because, I'm begging you please
You have got the power down on my knees
Give me some kind of life
=With or without you, you should let me survive
Just let me breathe, leave me be...

I wanna tell ya and I think, you ought to know
The way you're treating me, I know i'll have to go
I have heard the rumors and it seems, they're coming true
You have been doing what suits ya and thats nothing new
Do what you want to do
But please see, what you have put me through
And how I suffer for your love

You say what you want to say

May 18, 2010

Lamhon ki baatein

Ye baatein hai un lamhon ki,
Jab ek ehsaas, ek saaz banta hai
Aur wo saaz, kitne aur ehsaason mein tabdeel hota hai

Ye baatein hai un lamhon ki,
Jab ek saaya, kisi ka saath banta hai
Aur wo saath, kuch aur lamhon ka safar

Ye baatein hai un lamhon ki,
Jab ek aahat, se ek ehsaas judta hai
Aur wo ehsaas, har pal kuch kehta hai

Ye baatein hai un lamhon ki,
Jab kisi ki khamoshi mein bhi, ek aawaaz sunti hai
Aur wo aawaaz, kisi tanha dil ki aarzoo banti hai

Ye baatein hai un lamhon ki,
Jab kuch ajnabee bhi apne se lagte hain
Aur wo apne, har safar mein humsafar ki tarah saath chalte hain

Ye baatein hai, un lamhon ki
Jab khuda ki razaa se pehle, koi yaad aata hai
Aur un yaadon mein, ek razaamandi ki talaash hoti hai

Ye baatein hain, un lamhon ki
Jin lamhon mein, baatein kam hoti hain,
Aur kuch baaton mein hi kai lamhe guzar jaatein hai

Ye baatein hain, un lamhon ki
Jab lamhon mein, ek zindagi dhal jati hai,
Aur us zindagi mein, lamhon ka ehsaas hi nahi hota

Ye wo khubsoorat lamhe hain,
Jo zindagi mein ehsaas aur jism mein rooh ki tarah baste hain