Feb 7, 2010

Its not bout How I feel?

We often care about how does it feel?
But barely of, how we make 'em feel?
We fight, we argue and we often appeal
But we never know bout, how to deal?
And it has always been, so hard to seal
The bonds that we make, cuz we don't know if they are real
For until we loose them, and until they are all spilled...

If only we could look beyond me and you,
We could talk more often and even try to heal
But the walls around, they just tend to kill
The real us, inside and leaves us so unfullfilled

We seek to forsee all, when we really tend to ignore
What lies right before, we just dun care to restore
At tymes I wonder, if & how we can ever fulfill?
The gaps that we need to, if all we care, is just to chill....

Khwaab to khwaab hain

Intezaar ki umra kabhi kam nahi hoti,
Yun to sadiyaan nikal jaati hain....
Hum samajhte the, rastey kahin to milte hongey
Par khwaab to khwaab hain,
Unki haqeeqat kuch judaa si hoti hai....
Kabhi jawaan, kabhi fanaa si hoti hai....

Ab aur intezaar kahaan, aur wo pyaar kahaan,
Jab aietbaar toot jaye, aur haqeeqat ko khud ke saamne paayein,
To kaise yakeen kar lein, ki wo apne hi sapne the
Jo tujhse judey, aur tu yun hi ajnabee sa raha
Yun hi shayad, har chahat ruswan si hoti hai
Palkon ke tale jo duniya basti thi...
Ab wo bhi mujhpe kuch aise hansti hai
Aur bas ye hi kehti hai....

Khwaab to bas khwaab hain,
Unki haqeeqat kuch juda si hoti hai...
Kabhi tanha, kabhi ramaa si hoti hai...

Kuch lamhey jinki talaash thi, wo yunhi udaas se lagte hain
Main shikwa karoon bhi to kinse, wo jo beparvaah se dikhte hain
Taaruff karte to, aur intezaar muqqamal tha
Takkaluff mein, bas besabri hi badhti hai..
Aakhir... ye wo khwaab hi hain

Khwaab to bas khwaab hotey ain,
Kyunki unki haqeeqat kuch juda si hoti hai....
Kabhi kahaan, kabhi kahaan si hoti hai......