Jan 21, 2010

Would you believe me?

Whenever I thought of it, I knw it could be just another flick
But then, when I got close to it, I felt it had got me freak
And now when I look back at it, I agree, it was meant to be

Everytime I was sinking down, And I wouldn't wanna leave the town
I have been sooo loving it, that I was longing in pieces and bits

Every night that I go to bed, I look out at the mellow moon
I wonder if he thinks the same, for I've been singing the looney tunes

No wonder, I was surprised, when I found him right beside
No matter it was just a dream, but I know I've been loving him

Morning sun and the cold storms, they been telling me to accept the norms
But my heart just skips a beat, If and when he would repeat
Those three magical words to me, Oh baby! I love you, cant you see?
So, I could shy away and say 'Love you too'....would you believe me?

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