Jan 10, 2010

Life takes care ....................

Ever pondered about the strange feelings that we encounter in our day to day life? Feelings that make you push yourself that extra mile, feelings those are suggestive of curbing your strong innate desires, feelings that tell you to stop before you fall, an unpredictable feeling of nostalgia, the pangs, moments of illogical excitement, unexplanable visions, a festive feeling, a sudden breakout, deceptive noises or a cacophony, you can never relate to? Why do these occur?

These are some kind of reactions to the extrenal environment that enshrines us, our body and our souls. Though involutarily, the brain recieves messages based of every encounter with the exteriors and then, the same is manifested by our naked souls, as a vibe, an intution or a gut feeling. Its more than often, irradical and deceptive to the concious human brain. And thats what makes us wonder, why do we have this sudden inertia, a resistance to do something or an unquestionable desire to stretch beyond the usual limits. We often live in a denial that these instincts are illogical and just an illusion, born out of our thought patterns. but a close observation reveals a connection, that might be deep-seated and covered under the sheets. The subconcious mind presumably reacts to every interaction, around a humans' aura. It recieves, percieves and decodes, subconciously and creates thought patterns which stay sealed, until one accepts the need to reveal them. This happens very rarely though because, the human brain by its constitution is designed to question, think and find a reason behind, what comes across. If it suceeds in doing so, it accepts the action and acts accordingly. However, most of the times, we humans live in denial and unacceptance of such vibes as our mind, fails to decode the underlying connections and thus the message delivered is never interpreted. In such circumstances, we choose to ignore and move on. We accept ignorance as the only truth and start living with it.

However, the human soul, that lies encapsulated deep within is seldom influenced by brain and as such, treats the denial as a rejected reality. It thus, keeps sending visibly weaker signals to brain, until some day the denial illustrates the reality, as an incident or occurence. Soul, always abides by every message, it recieves and being infallible, it extrucates the right visions of future. The truth is denial has always been and would continue to be a bliss. Ignorance can calm you down for a bit or make you live in an illusion, which when surfaces alarms you as a harsh reality. The way to live is by being true to yourself, by conversing with your soul and accepting, the vibes that erupt by examining the incidences and seeking explanations. Like a friend mentioned to me today, we are all here for a purpose. And that purpose is met by acceptance and faith and the the self realization of truth, which in turn come through unanimous faith in our souls, that unites us with the Almighty and keeps telling "Life takes care" .........................


  1. "however most of the times we humans live in denial and unacceptance of such vibes as our mimind faild to decode the underlying connections......... "--do you think that for the most part we fail to decode and we choose to ignore because even though deep down inside we know that which is being registered in our minds cannot be reconciled with our beliefs, we ignore nontheless because somewhere along the course of life we have come to believe that we are not deserving or worthy of that which we truly seek? So rather than fight for what we want, we simply ignore and accept??!! Someone brought this up recently and I thought it was an interesting point.

  2. Fact - There is no soul, human or otherwise.
    Fact - There is no harm in believing in one if it makes you feel good.

  3. We are definitely not here to fight for something but to give back to the world cuz, we are all born for a purpose and that purpose has to be met...not by fighting but by believing and living for it :))