Jan 23, 2010

Its a Good Night

There is a trail of light, when the sun sets out...

The birds are chirping, as they brush thru the cloud

The trees seem tinted, in the dull golden light

And the souls are set free, as they board the flight

The flight to a world, where they feel they belong

They take to destinations, for they don't wish to be alone

And now the hustle of the city, is speeding its way back home

Some retort to speeding and yet some, take it very slow

No, it's not hailing, there is no rainpour, no snow

There is a belonging back there, where they all want to go

To their folks, their friends to see the remaining show

There is no vaccum that seems to be unfufilled

Yet inside every heart, there is a task uphill

Some keep it quiet but some beans are spilled

Now the evening transcends, and so does the twilight

To run from the fade out, they turn up their lights

Its time to setlle down, cuz the lights ain't that bright

And we are back to the couches, praying its a good night...

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