Jan 27, 2010

Wo bhi insaan hai .........

Wo jo mohabbat karta hai, wo bhi hai insaan
Wo jo nafrat mein jalta hai, wo bhi hai insaan

Wo jo sapne sajaata hai, wo bhi hai insaan
wo jo unhe raundh ke jaata hai, wo bhi hai insaan

Wo jiski buinyaad hi jhoothi hai, wo bhi hai insaan
Wo jo sach ki fariyaad karta hai, wo bhi hai insaan

Wo jo sabko ruswa karta hai, wo bhi hai insaan
Aur wo jo khud pe hasta hai, wo bhi hai insaan

Jiska sach hi fareb hai, wo bhi hai insaan
Wo jo fareb se aazad hai, wo bhi hai insaan

Phir fark kaisa, us mein aur is mein?
Ek daulat ke nashe mein andha hai, ek khuda ka bashinda hai,
Ek sach ka paigaam hai, ek sachaai se anjaan hai,
Ek rab se darta hai, aur ek sabse mohabbat karta hai

Fark hai bas itna dono mein, agar samjho to
Ek sirf.... ek insaan hai, jo khud se abhi anjaan hai,
Aur ek wo farishta hai, jo insaaniyat ka nigehbaan hai

Jan 26, 2010

Yun to adhoori si.......

Khwabon mein bhi parchayian dikhti hain
Unki aankhon mein kuch gehraiyan dikhti hain
Kabhi samandar mein doob bhi jaayein to
Us paar bhi, kuch ubharti kashtiyan dikhti hain

Paimaane toot bhi jayein to, nasha kam nahi hota
Nazrein milte hi unse, kuch hairaniyan dikhti hain
Unke ruksaar pe hi kuch likha nahi hota,
Unki tasveeron mein bhi sachaiyan dikhti hain

Mehfilon mein wo begaane hotey hain,
To mere rooh ko, beimaniyan dikhti hain
Chahat mein jalna to dustoor hai yahaan,
Phir roshni mein, kyun viraaniyan dikhti hain

Kehne ko, aankhon ki jubaan bhi hoti hai
Tabhi khamoshi mein, ruswaiyan dikhti hain
Faaslon ko tai karnne ki koshish mein
Kabhi meelon tujhse tanhayian dikhti hain

Kuch sawaal unki nigahein, kabool nahi karti
Aur merey ehsaason mein udaasiyan palti hain
Usey ilma bhi nahi hota, mere intezaar ka
Aur uski justjoo mein, yun hi sadiyaan katati hain

Jannat dikhayi thi kabhi, usne apni aagosh mein leke
Phir is dil ka kasoor hi kya, jo ab bechainian badhti hain
Hum muskuraane ki koshish bhi karte hain sahib,
Par in aankhon se, ye baarishein yun hi girati hain

Kuch iqraar aur kuch inkaar they uski baaton mein
Aur mujhe is uljhan se bas, nakaamiyan dikhti hain
Phir bhi, har dhaagey ko thaam ke rakha hai
Uske khyal se bhi ruswa hona, bepaakiyaan lagti hain

Farishton se, shikwa karne ke hauslein nahi hote
Kyunki phir tamaan umra ki, judaayian dikhti hain
Aarzoo, kitni bhi besabar ho jaaye, zehan mein
Umeed humse kehti hai, ye bhi nishaniyan milti hain

Hum kuch yun hi majboor hain, is ishq mein
Ki us sey ek faasla bhi, duswaariyan lagti hain
Kabhi to dastak hogi, uske dil pe bhi sahi
Yun to adhoori si, ye zindagaaniyan lagti hain

Jan 23, 2010

Its a Good Night

There is a trail of light, when the sun sets out...

The birds are chirping, as they brush thru the cloud

The trees seem tinted, in the dull golden light

And the souls are set free, as they board the flight

The flight to a world, where they feel they belong

They take to destinations, for they don't wish to be alone

And now the hustle of the city, is speeding its way back home

Some retort to speeding and yet some, take it very slow

No, it's not hailing, there is no rainpour, no snow

There is a belonging back there, where they all want to go

To their folks, their friends to see the remaining show

There is no vaccum that seems to be unfufilled

Yet inside every heart, there is a task uphill

Some keep it quiet but some beans are spilled

Now the evening transcends, and so does the twilight

To run from the fade out, they turn up their lights

Its time to setlle down, cuz the lights ain't that bright

And we are back to the couches, praying its a good night...

Jan 21, 2010

Would you believe me?

Whenever I thought of it, I knw it could be just another flick
But then, when I got close to it, I felt it had got me freak
And now when I look back at it, I agree, it was meant to be

Everytime I was sinking down, And I wouldn't wanna leave the town
I have been sooo loving it, that I was longing in pieces and bits

Every night that I go to bed, I look out at the mellow moon
I wonder if he thinks the same, for I've been singing the looney tunes

No wonder, I was surprised, when I found him right beside
No matter it was just a dream, but I know I've been loving him

Morning sun and the cold storms, they been telling me to accept the norms
But my heart just skips a beat, If and when he would repeat
Those three magical words to me, Oh baby! I love you, cant you see?
So, I could shy away and say 'Love you too'....would you believe me?

Jan 10, 2010

I wish to abide..........

I was moving at my pace,
Trying to stay out of the race
I was reaching out to space
Until, I spotted this menace

Sinking deep into my soul
I could see it through my eyes
Yet it managed to patrol,
And it took me for a ride

Now, that I have it tried
I think I had better denied
That what came as a tide
And left me all surprised

But now I wish to abide
For I never wanted to reside
Where the vices follow in
And the truth gets maligned

Yes, now i wish to abide
For I choose to preside
The course of events ahead
And have the city painted RED
To be able, to go peacefully to my bed
And wake up with a smile, that just spreads..............

Life takes care ....................

Ever pondered about the strange feelings that we encounter in our day to day life? Feelings that make you push yourself that extra mile, feelings those are suggestive of curbing your strong innate desires, feelings that tell you to stop before you fall, an unpredictable feeling of nostalgia, the pangs, moments of illogical excitement, unexplanable visions, a festive feeling, a sudden breakout, deceptive noises or a cacophony, you can never relate to? Why do these occur?

These are some kind of reactions to the extrenal environment that enshrines us, our body and our souls. Though involutarily, the brain recieves messages based of every encounter with the exteriors and then, the same is manifested by our naked souls, as a vibe, an intution or a gut feeling. Its more than often, irradical and deceptive to the concious human brain. And thats what makes us wonder, why do we have this sudden inertia, a resistance to do something or an unquestionable desire to stretch beyond the usual limits. We often live in a denial that these instincts are illogical and just an illusion, born out of our thought patterns. but a close observation reveals a connection, that might be deep-seated and covered under the sheets. The subconcious mind presumably reacts to every interaction, around a humans' aura. It recieves, percieves and decodes, subconciously and creates thought patterns which stay sealed, until one accepts the need to reveal them. This happens very rarely though because, the human brain by its constitution is designed to question, think and find a reason behind, what comes across. If it suceeds in doing so, it accepts the action and acts accordingly. However, most of the times, we humans live in denial and unacceptance of such vibes as our mind, fails to decode the underlying connections and thus the message delivered is never interpreted. In such circumstances, we choose to ignore and move on. We accept ignorance as the only truth and start living with it.

However, the human soul, that lies encapsulated deep within is seldom influenced by brain and as such, treats the denial as a rejected reality. It thus, keeps sending visibly weaker signals to brain, until some day the denial illustrates the reality, as an incident or occurence. Soul, always abides by every message, it recieves and being infallible, it extrucates the right visions of future. The truth is denial has always been and would continue to be a bliss. Ignorance can calm you down for a bit or make you live in an illusion, which when surfaces alarms you as a harsh reality. The way to live is by being true to yourself, by conversing with your soul and accepting, the vibes that erupt by examining the incidences and seeking explanations. Like a friend mentioned to me today, we are all here for a purpose. And that purpose is met by acceptance and faith and the the self realization of truth, which in turn come through unanimous faith in our souls, that unites us with the Almighty and keeps telling "Life takes care" .........................