Nov 9, 2009

The Unexpected Expectations

The moment we defy the expected and the assumed, we cease to hope. And I have always wondered where do we go wrong with hopes? Hopes are raw and fragile beliefs that lay foundations to the actions that follow in, the future that lies ahead of us. Assuming we quit expecting and simply take things as they come, wouldn't we turn out to be seamlessly mechanical enough, to be identified as humans? Humans by nature, have evolved their senses to be able to perceive, and make judgements based of their perceptions. What is it then, that stops us from hoping and expecting? Probably, what could be the worst outcome of expecting is that our expectations don't turn up, as we thought of them. What follows is a li'l bit of disappointment, misery and pain but should that restrict us from believing? How on earth could we build a tomorrow without dreaming, expecting and hoping? The naked truth about "Expectations" is that they are not forced on us, nor do we choose to expect.... their existence is unconditional and it's there like everything else that exists. The point is that "Expectations" are unexpected and they co-exist with humans. Like we can't afford to cease breathing in, we can't stop expecting. Though, what we can still be accountable for is learning from our expectations, their failures and expecting reasonably, from whatsoever and whomsoever, only after we have examined and analyzed the underlying potential in a task or a person.

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  1. hope runs the world..expectations slows us down..