Sep 24, 2009

How It Never Occurred To Me?

How it never occurred to me that it was half past eight?
Though it always seemed to me that you are getting all delayed
I wonder why couldn't I see it then in your eyes
And how I couldn't look beyond those surprises
Its just so deafening and visibly louder now
That I had been so burnt and bitter to you
I sought respite in my own premise
And kept telling myself, I am out of disguise
I have romanced the pleasures and ditched the pains
But I am still hanging around and the fact remains

I cant call it the bliss, that I have been searching for
And I am yearning for the truth, like a sophomore
The pangs of my dreams, never seem to satiate me
Yet, I am perching in the woods of an uncalled destiny
I hold no grudges, I have no complaints
Yet I cant foster a living, with any restraints
I need my wings, to dream and to fly
And to scream out loud, I have a lot to live before I die.....
And I have come so far, leaving so much behind
That even if I wish to look at it, I can never rewind
I would still say, how I never thought of it before?
You, me and all of this and then, so much more......

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