Aug 5, 2009

While you're away..............

The night is damp and I'm feeling the cramps
The cramps of distance, separation and loneliness
I look up at the sky and the countless stars
And I wonder, if you are there hiding away on 'Mars'?

The crimson clouds that hailed this evening
Have lately turned all dark and saddening
And for a while, I am questioning -
Where is my charmer?
Where is my calmer?
Where is that season?
Where are the reasons?

Aaah....I have waited for long
With my heartbeats, bit prolonged
And I am singing the parting song
Oh...come back or take me along

I keep trying to sketch your face
Hoping, I'll get to feel your embrace
But the markers, don't let me get it right
The tears keep rolling and wipe it, outright
And I see you, just getting out of my sight
My love, can you also feel my plight, tonight?

I can't reach you this moment,
No matter how much I miss....
The sun has set for good and
And I crave for a bit of bliss
To hold onto until tomorrow,
And live on the same hope again...
The hope of reaching out to you
Before my summer gets cold and
The winters refuse to unfold.

1 comment:

  1. This strikes a chord deep within....seriously this is damn good!!