Aug 20, 2009

He asked what does "Special" mean?

Do you really don't know what does special mean?
Have you never read about the king and the queen?

Probably, you lack the vision to look beyond their riches
You tend to ignore, the truth underlying these glitches

The unshakable faith, a person can offer you
The love and the concern that's always through

All the unspoken words that you just don't care to listen
The Hearts & Souls, which to you, have always been alien

The gesture and glimpse that comes by and goes
And you are still wanting to look at your friends & foes

The nights when you are swept away by the thoughts of everyone
But the only person who is watching over, and is yet not in...

The lilacs, the peaches, the pinks and the hues
That captivate you sooo that you ignore my blues

The numerous damsels that you keep searching for
And look back at me, when they don't treat you similar

The ignorance and oblivion that you confer on me
And when you need what you seek, you reach out to me

Every day and night, you have to make the choice
And you expect me to follow in, without raising my voice

The voice that never reaches your auricle
And when it does, you drop it to a circle

How long back have I told ya, I always needed a partner..
Not in bed or parties, but one who spots me in every corner

Someone, who dreams of a life, a life with 'ME'
Not the life with just any girl, whosoever it be...

I don't want to be a dish or just any meal
I am a human and I need to feel my appeal

I need it real, in bone and flesh
Not just surreal that seems obsessed

I need to know this and be sure of, my stand
I can't be the doormat, you can wipe off & land

I see myself, being the primary and important,
The way I see you, always apparent and abundant

Do you visualize me, doing a specific function? Has it got any scope?
Or you see me only, as a mother to your kids? Is that the only other hope?

Would you let me, have the slightest idea, of what I'm in for?
Would it be the warmth of your love or would it all end in clamor?

You need to realize, I can't go on forever, like this...
You can't leave me in troubled waters and go out, to fish....

And stop putting me to your driver, your friends, the servants and your cash
Or else, I shouldn't mind getting along with them, yet better than your trash

Oh, let me tell you...I need to sneak out of this
This is not my destiny cuz I'm in search of bliss

But before, I leave, I have a short tale for you
Just hear me out for once and you'll know the truth

The tale of a guy who was sooo crazy in love
That he would wake up every morning, and look above
To thank the god, for the love of his life
His soul mate, his pride, his life, his wife
His world would start and end on this girl
He couldn't look beyond & would keep her, like a pearl
He could sense her agony, he could sense her pain
He could connect with her emotionally & ascertain
He would be there, the moment she thought of or needed him
He could fly down any day, even when her hope was as thin
He would take her by surprises and wait for her, every bit
His sad face would brighten up and his eyes would lit
He would stand by her, without being asked for
He would adore her, befriend her and walk along
He couldn't dream of ever, taking her for a ride
Not that she was the master, yet he would always abide
He was not a prince, neither a dream
He was as true and alive, up-til brim

Love is when you can do everything together,
And you know no one can do it better than you two

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