Jun 17, 2009

Who is more pervert : Shiney or the 'Media' bandwagon?

The news came as a shock to me, when it was being flashed on some news channel, the night before. The guilty is yet to be decided but as always media, is actively pursuing the cause, and adding its own quotes, opinions and thoughts to the 'Rape case' charged against the Bollywood actor 'Shiney Ahuja'. Having been with the media industry for more than 2 years now, at times I really wonder what is the real role of media?
- Is it to malign someone's image, simply to capture more eyeballs onto their news snippets?
- Is it to educate the society at large, about the facts and incidents?
- Or even further, to persuade the social set up to form a biased opinion, without having the facts and figures before them?

Take for instance, the Shiney Ahuja case.. The media has not left a stone unturned to tarnish his image, devastate his career, ruin his family life and add to the bruises. Is media not supposed to play a more pivotal role in building families and constructing societies? Why is media so biased towards the statements, made by the cops, at the Oshiwara police station? Without the charge sheet being filed, how can media act so irresponsibly and go on babbling the facts, which are not yet proved, in the court of justice?

Being a feminist to the core, I would any day condemn such heinous acts of violence and immodesty towards women. But somehow, thinking through the origin of the case, it really is difficult to hold Shiney guilty of this vociferous crime. I am somehow forced to think and relate the committal of crime to a man's psychology. What are the personality types that would resort to such ghastly acts of offense? Even the most pervert guy, won't take to something like this especially when he is working with and for all the limelight? Why would a celebrity of his caliber commit such an outrageous act, to demean himself and his family when there are better options available, if the need be. Be it under the influence of alcohol or ecstasy, a shy and reserved person (as he is known to be) can never be expected to enact something as wicked and flagitious as "Rape". The most nut headed human being can't be expected to switch over to such frequencies of maligned psychological behavior. With cultures that have opened across boundaries and accepted practices of the west, strongest sexual orientation is treated as something very normal to human co-existence. Moreover, the personality in question is also not so thick skinned, nor sexually or physically ridiculed that he would have to lay his maid to bed, to satisfy his sexual urges. What on this earth could stop a settled, good looking and a character of such calm and poise, to have consensual intercourse with a still better partner? When its just about an intercourse, why would a happily married, reserved, mature, glamor shy and dedicated actor risk his entire career and image, with such an atrocious act of forced self-indulgence? In black and blue, this appears completely baseless and as lame a charge, if traced and looked over from the origin of such criminal behavior.

As far as medical evidences are concerned, what testifies if the investigators, the examiners and the prosecutors in question, are not all biased or influenced enough under cash, kinds or some material gains? Moreover, I read some posters quoting as "If all this is framed and Shiney is innocent, is it the domestic help who forcibly caused her pain and injuries on her private parts and injected the semen and what not?" 'Why not'? Why isn't it possible? These are all possible means to frame a man on grounds of sexual misconduct and rape, so why can't the blackmailer go to the extent of forcing strong evidences onto her, as well. Putting it simply, why on earth would a 10 year happily married man, a father of a one and a half yr old daughter, a well established, socially responsible, introvert and smart actor get down to something so cheap and ridiculous, as committing rape on his domestic maid? To me, its the most absurd crime I could have even thought of coming across.

Irrespective, of what the quotes are, I would plead the media to act more intelligently and dwell into the facts before flagging off such offensive and demeaning comments on any respected socialite. Media needs to put itself back into the role of educating the masses with truth, instead of quotations, thoughts and biased opinions from everyone except the real eye-witnesses. Unless, they have the court's verdict and the final judgment on the crime, its committal and the criminal, they should abet from creating buzz around such lame news pieces, just to sell more copies and add to their readership pie.

Let us hope for justice to be meted out, in the court of law!!!

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