Jun 23, 2009

To My Shore......

It was drizzling outside, or oops.......may be inside. I was wondering where does it all end? It all seemed never ending and so deceptive, that I just felt like breaking out of it. Not sure, what to do....I was allowing the thought to sink in me, I was just awaiting the dawn break, wishing the night fades away soon. It was just making me feel terrible, so I just decided to let the ink dry until my head gets some rest and calmed out.

Why is world so mysterious? All this while, I had been hearing people say, I am so mysterious myself. I just wish I could find answers to so many questions, that keep buzzing me and a solution to this. I couldn't go on like this anymore. I was really tired and petrified by all this. My head grew heavy and my sight was dim. I badly needed solace, just didn't know how to get there......

I was not enjoying mysteries anymore. What was wrong with me? May be I was in the wrong place or may be, at the wrong time. I really needed to feel earth, beneath my feet. It was all so vocal yet violating and defying, my perceptions. I felt so vacant inside that I was wanting the universe, to fill the depth inside me to the core, leaving no place for anything else to creep in. The roads as always seem less travelled, though I had come far enough. I just realized some spaces can never be occupied because they are meant to be open and without boundaries.

The dust seems to be settling now,
But the darkness is sooo damp.....
The dry leaves are ruffling now,
And it seems, there are cramps,,,,,
The roads are widening but the crowd is still bustling
The universe is expanding but my heart seems to be crippling
I have just walked to the bay, and now the beaches are beckoning me
Like, I would be engulfed any moment and soaked to the core
I am longing for a fresh breeze, to twirl around me from head to toe
And take me aloof and away from this, to my only shore....

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