Jun 19, 2009

The Evening with the Woods ...............

I had to get out of house, but there was nowhere that I wanted to go, that didn’t involve a week’s vacation. I finally pulled on my hand bag, threw in my thingy’s, called up some friends to check if they are interested, but none were really as crazy as I am. However, in my mind I was still unclear on where I was headed. I just shrugged into my clothes and stomped the door. It was overcast, but not raining outside. It didn’t take long enough before I had hit the road and the roads to my house, got almost invisible. All I could hear around me was the squish sound of the calm evening, some youngsters giggling and the sudden cries of the jays.

There was a thin ribbon of trail that led through the dark forests, here or else I wouldn’t have risked wandering here, at this hour of the evening. My sense of direction was hopeless. I could get lost any moment but thanks to my accomplices, ‘my sixth sense’. The trail wounded deeper into the darker woods as if it were a large python wrapping itself around the eucalyptus, hemlocks and the yews. I only vaguely knew the flora & fauna around me. There were many I didn’t know, and others I couldn’t be sure about because it was getting darker outside. As my lost self started to ebb, I started getting more alive. I was more in terms with the surroundings and the roads, the conversations, the movements and the darkness that captivated. A recently fallen tree provided me a little sheltered bench, in those dark woods. I knew it was recent because it was yet not completely carpeted with dust, grass and the silt, lying beneath me. I leaned my head back against a living tree and rested, for a while. This was the wrong place to have come. I should have known, but where else was there to go? The forest was spotted with arid and some green flora. Now that there was no more the sound of my lousy footsteps, the silence surrounding me was piercing. By now, the birds had stopped chirping. The trees and ferns stood higher than my head, as if I was enshrined by the forest lane. Here in the trees, it was much easier to relate to the absurdities that embarrassed me indoors.

Somehow, I forced myself to focus on two vital questions that had got me restless, over the last few months. I had to answer, but I did so unwillingly. First question was to decide, if what I was experiencing was really possible? And my head & heart together, responded with a resounding positive. It was though silly & morbid to ignore such strong notions. But, what then? I asked myself. There was no radical explanation for what I was being through at this moment. I listened again in my head for the things I had felt and experienced: the calm and composure, the impossible speed at which things happened, the memories that stretched far enough, those piercing eyes and far more....... Small things started registering slowly in my head , those unfamiliar cadences and phrases that better fit a 80s century novel or cinema than that of a 21st century conversation……… the sudden utterance of some phrases which otherwise, mean a lot more …....... (to be contd.)

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