Jun 10, 2009

And the world slows down... ...

Why does everything come to a standstill, when you are ailing? Why does the world, seems to be moving even faster, when you have slowed down a bit? Seems like, those few hours or days, have taken a toll on your life.... and that you'll miss a lot all this while. May be, it's because our soul and body are so strongly interconnected that when the soul is sad, the body crumbles down and when the body is ailing, the soul falls apart.

But then, do we believe in the existence of souls and spirits? Have you seen one, around? I wonder really, if any of us would have seen them with naked eyes. Though, I won't completely deny the fact that some of us, would have surely felt those qualms of sudden sickness, misery and pain or may be their inexplicable presence and sudden appearances in the dark woods. There is however, no scientific evidence that could associate to the soul's presence. How come then, have I felt that way? Why does this world slow down and the time pieces freeze, when my soul seems to be well fed and deeply contended. May be, it's just a state of euphoria that captures my heart, transits to my soul and invades my body or may be my hyper-imaginative mind, lost in the colorful realms of my dreams.

Whatever it is, it does prove a point that there is something that couldn't be touched, something we can't have our eyes on, something that we can just long to seek and capture forever but all we can barely do about it, is feel its presence and relate to it. Our bodies confide in our souls and vice-versa. I wonder if they have ever existed alone and if they have, I know for sure, this world would have slowed down ... as if it was standing on a porch and mourning the demise of its beloved!!!

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