Apr 6, 2009

What If, the Love Isn't Enough???

Walking away from the one who you love is one of the hardest things to do. Sometimes even love isn't enough, to assure a future you'd dreamed would come true. When you knew it just isn't going to work out, you need to think of your heart. Do you stay with the one who you love, until eventually everything just falls apart? Or do you walk away while you still can and try avoid some of the emotional pain, when you know that no matter what you want, the one who you love just doesn't want the same?

If the love they have for you just isn't enough, for them to want you above everything else, the time comes when you have to make a decision....When you need to start thinking of yourself. It pains if you stay in, knowing that in the end you will lose the one who you love....... Just remember, if someone from your past couldn't make it to your future, there has to be a reason!!!

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