Apr 6, 2009

Speed Kills, SQUEEZE In!!!

Ever wondered why is sea, so turbulent and sky, so calm? Why is rose red and the grass green? It's a funny thing but thoughts like these used to come to me when I was a kid. Sitting on the hills, on my way to school, I used to think about what everything in creation meant. I always felt that it was all an illustration of something, everything said something.

There is a lot that we miss to look at and appreciate, when in a hurry. And there is hardly any thing that can be enjoyed in a hurry. Not a glass of wine, a walk, a talk, a ride, a view, a meal or even a kiss. God is hardly, ever in a hurry. It takes him time to create a tree, a flower, the sunset, a blade of grass or even the li'l angels.

That's why there is a need to squeeze. Don't jerk or else, you'll miss some thing and missing the mark of God, is a sin!!! Speed kills. Haste makes waste. Patience takes faith. If you're in a hurry, you lose things, forget stuff and wear out, much earlier.
- You burn yourself, brutally.
- You may live it up but you might not be able to live it out.
- You may marry in haste but repent at leisure!
- You may save a minute, but lose a life!
- You may be penny wise but pound foolish.

If you slow, you may not get there the first but at least, you get there. Better late that never; better safe than sorry! If you stop to look before you leap, you may not have to leap at all. Remember, a miss is as good as a mile. It takes time, to aim straight.

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  1. in love,,,sum how,,a mans heart is always exceedn da speed limits or gettn parked in wrong place : )))...... btw there is more to life dan increasing its speed !!!!!!!