Mar 5, 2009


For some reason, the moon is shying away
For some reason, they don't keep me at bay
For some reason, dreams seem to be more beautiful
For some reason, nothing seems more faithful.......

For the last few weeks, I have been missing you so much
For a few miles, I walk alone and then, I feel you around
For a few days, I have not seen the sun, up above in the sky
For some nights, the moonlight was dim, like it's busy making love

For ages, I feel I have been waiting all alone............
For ever, I see you far and I keep trying, to get you home
For years, I have felt this pain and misery, at par
And now, I just wish I could have you here, at the bar
So I could sip you in, with every gulp of the red wine
And let you dwell around my heart, like you're my spine
So that you never dare to leave me like this and go away......
And allow me to moan, every passing night and day.............

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