Feb 5, 2009

I'm Addicted!!!

When life offers you a dream so far beyond any of your expectations, it’s not reasonable to grieve when it comes to an end. But I can’t stop crying since you left……..and it seems I’ll never have someone like you ever again. You entered my life as a dream, the dream that never came true. The irony is I say I have moved on in life and I have tried my best but you’re the only one, I seek in every single man in my life……your absolute, flawless, unconditional, endless love which needed none other than me and no reason to love me. Why the hell you loved me beyond what could be related? Why couldn’t you be just another dog, another guy who keeps leching at every other girl? And why did you leave me to myself when you knew there is no replacement for you. Will I ever be able to love and move out of you? I just have all the questions and blanks in my life with no hints, to decide the flow or seek help.

I hate this…. But as they say, I can’t even grieve because you’re the best that I could ever have. I am diseased and crippled; I just can’t do without your love……..I feel so helpless. I got to know it pretty late that I was addicted to you. You always knew it though, I wonder how???


  1. smita ur amazing gr8 .........i mst say ur thought ... ur imagination ,perception style .. livingness all cn't be commented even there is no word's to describe u (smita) .... asmita jiski koi seema nahi parkashta ke pare anmol hain aap.......bethe way ur very percious gifted creation of god to this earth ..........bt if all these r real i m really jealous of (him ) by u .... anyway'z it's really awesome .. :-)

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