Feb 6, 2009

I see you my "ANGEL"

I see you my Angel, in my Mom
When she dresses me and my tresses
And treats me like her li'l princess
When she adores me like her cutie doll
And for those, trying to catch a glimpse of me
She keeps away the evil eye, with a dot from her Kohl

I see you in my Grandma
When she loves me without being asked for
When she seconds me on everything and defends me, every hour
And when she makes me yummy dishes as I'm starving to death
And when she is the only one to bail me out, in times of distress

I see you in my Dad
Who stands tall to trust me, without any evidence
Who loves me equally in smiles and pain
Who is proud to have me as his daughter
And is always all set to chatter

I see you in my Lover
When he behaves insane
And pours love like rain
And accepts me the way I am
When he stands by me in moments of pain
When he is there to care, without any claims

I see you in my Brother
When he misses me and calls me to say that
When he adores me and shouts it loud that I'm his sister
When he fights with me and calls back to say, I'm sorry
When he shares with me, each and every story
When he comes to me, in times of need and doubts
When he seeks my blessings and asks for advice
When he respects me and defends me, in vice

I saw you in my pets "Pepsi" and "Alex"
When they would jump over and snuggle around me
When they would run and hide themselves behind me
When they would want to play with me, through the day
And be restless, when they saw me leaving
And they would feel sorry to see me crying
And sit beside to lick me, till I'm back smiling

I saw you in my Mentors
Who taught me the wisdom of life and guided me through
Who walked before me, so they could share their experiences
And save me from all the odds and grievances
Who spared their time, to sit and talk to me
Who kept an eye on me, to tell if I'm taking to the right paths
And make me feel like the "Teacher's Pet", always
Who believed me more than I could ever do,
Who supported me with all that I ever wanted to do

I have been feeling you, in the Idols I worship
When they patiently listen to me, day in and day out
When they always guide silently, without letting me know, they're around
When they shower their blessings, even when I missed on asking
When they bless me in disguise and save me from malice
When they help me see through and know what to do
When they make me feel their presence, when I'm broken and low

If you're the messengers, or my saviors
The guardian angels or the heaven's fairies
I am clueless about your origin
And where from you descended.....
Whether you are unseen or unfelt
And if you're overrated or underestimated
If you're a figure or the speech
If you're unknown and out of reach

All, I know and I care to know is
I have you by my side, always
I know you are my ANGELS
And you'll keep me protected, any day
I see you my ANGEL
And I wish to be with you, always..........

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