Jan 27, 2009

My Passionate Encounter with the 'Paranormal'

The rain came pouring down in soft sheets outside. Tucking my iPod under my T-shirt, I pushed open the door and stepped outside. The rain brushed my face gently, and I set off into the darkness, walking slowly, the music of my iPod filling my head. I don't know why but for some reasons, the darkness of woods and the deserted streets have always intrigued me, to the point that at times - I loose sense of direction and just immerse myself in a solitary walk that ends nowhere. I need to be forced to stop and realize that I have come far, far away and I don't even know my way back home.

Just wanted to pen down one such incident that was intensely intoxicating.....
The earth smelt fresh, and the mud in the distance smelt tempting. Any sight of humans for a while felt devious and yet they didn't stray from their path. Actually, why would they? I inhabit a decently populated city. Suddenly the wind wiped around me, changing direction, and the most tantalizing scent enveloped me. For a while, I was smitten, shuddered and froze. My head turned towards the direction of the wind. I encountered a human, not so very like humans.... I could feel he was most pious creature ever and I couldn't even dare to touch and see. I dreaded soiling him, his aura and the charm. He was thirsty, and more so, impossible to resist. I couldn't help but follow him, just expecting he would walk to me or else wait for me, to join him. He changed path, the direction and within a few minutes he was on the outskirts of a small clearing.

The darkest woods I had ever seen and there was a single human look alike, sitting in the center and all drenched in the rain. I stopped listening to my iPod, rather I had to. I was scared, smitten yet mesmerized. This was too easy..... had to happen. I had lost all self control and I felt possessed. I had been walking behind a man, I had never known. I was chasing a man who was just next to a spell, right before me but not so real. He was seemingly, from a different world. And then he leaped forward to take me. And the next moment, I froze and I was gasping for breath.... but I still couldn't take my eyes off him.

'No' he called softly. 'Why?' I murmured through my clenched lips.
'Stop looking at me like that' he replied turning his face away. But I was taken over, bewitched and lost in his aura.... I could see his lips moving and his eyes speaking but didn't bother to listen. I was captured and insinuated by something, so irrational and disjointed about him. After a while, he gave in to my pervert persistence. He walked over to me and placing his hands, on my cheek leaned over. That was one moment and this is one....

All I remember is that I shuddered and convulsed. Far away in the distance, I heard someone laugh and say, 'You got her scared, after all. She doesn't like you'. And the next moment, I muttered something I didn't think through 'Yes, I'm scared of loosing you'. Such unexplained connection with a stranger and someone, who is so weird to be called a human? I had no answers, I was dumb and speechless. All I know is that I just couldn't afford to miss the last glance of him. I wanted to see him until he disappeared in the woods, exactly the way he had appeared out of nowhere. My heart went crazy. I could see his eyes in the dark. They were glistening black, and his sensuous face was twisted into a snarl. A voice came from behind, barely audible through the rain. My iPod had been thrown across the grass and was now being ruined. A lady clad in pristine white gown, stepped up from behind him, then bent down and rested her palm on my cheek. Her pawn was icy cold and pain racked through my body, although I could sense it wasn't from her. 'She doesn't like you' the girl stated teasingly. For some reason I realized that it was the girl whom I could hear in the distance, a while back and the man knew it too. Just when, I was trying to recollect the series of incidences that happened, I heard him say 'Forgive me maiden, I have to do this'. And the next moment, I felt pain rushing through my body. I spent the next few days in a daze, where all I felt was mind numbing pain. The whole time hot, white raw pain was blasting through my body. I felt like someone had thrown me into a furnace, and all my flesh was slowly being burnt away. The pain eventually faded, and I became aware of my surroundings. I sat up..... I was in a small stone room, that looked very much like a cell. I wondered why did he hurt me when all this while, i couldn't stop admiring his charm and adoring his persona and the aura that cocooned him.

Suddenly the door slammed open and a man strolled in, with two others accomplices. 'So, you're awake then?' he asked me. I nodded, too frightened to speak. His skin was pale and he was utterly enigmatic. Dressed in a long black cloak that made his skin look paler, he started walking towards me. He stood very close to me and knelt down.

He placed his hand on my arm, and stared at me for a long time. Eventually he stood up. 'She seems to remember nothing' he stated, 'Bring her back to her senses'. Then left. Just then, one of his accomplices spoke up 'Let me take care of her'. The other accomplice nodded and left. As he stepped forward, my eyes lost sense of vision. It was him, I recognized him as the one who I had taken a liking to. He brought me to a place above ground, and sighed and turned to me. 'This was the only way to be united with you again, and forever.' he said in a pale voice. 'I had to hurt you to free you from all the misery and pain and keep you sheltered with me, always.' he went on saying and then after taking a deep breath, he took a brief pause and smiled at me. Seems like this was the glance, I had been longing for ever since my eyes caught him in those dark and dreaded woods. His enigma had quadrupled with that soothing smile on his lips and the twinkle in his eyes. I knew he likes me too but when did it all start. Has he been knowing me since ever? Why don't I seem to remember? Pain ripped through my legs and I reached for his forehead. I had to kiss him and tell him that I know, there is something but he needs to take me through all of it, to help me recall everything and accept him, the way he expected.

And the next moment, I pushed him away and ran. I had just looked down at the rain water, filling a hole in that stone cell. I couldn't see any reflections....reflections of me, reflections of him. I remember reading way back that spirits and vampires don't have reflections. They don't form images and can never be captured by lenses. What was it? He leaped after me, catching me before I could get anywhere. I fell into a hole and lay there dazed, as he picked me up and threw me into a small ravine, covering me with leaves. He calmed me and was trying to say something, I could never believe. He meant 'I am free of all the misery and pain and I have a better dwelling place now' and that he will always be around. Didn't that mean that I was dead? I was no longer a part of the human race whom I dreaded at times. The next moment, I closed my eyes to reassure myself that I was not dreaming and I woke up, on my bed covered beneath the sheets with the rain still pouring down but the darkness had disappeared. It was dawn and I could hear the birds chirping, outside my window. I ran to get hold of a mirror and what I saw will always remain a mystery - 'My reflection in the mirror was none other than he, himself'. He smiled with deserted and lonely eyes and said, 'I couldn't see you shattered, so had to be here with you, inside you and always by your side'.

Till date, I just wonder if it was my wandering imagination or else, a dream or may be a nightmare. I have no clues, no cues and no one who was a witness to all that, happened that rainy night. And till date, I am living with the thought that it was just a bygone state of my hyper-imaginative mind! Or it could have been a paranormal incidence that I happened to encounter.

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  1. whtever it ws it sure blew my mind...... to hav the ability to experience or imagine something like this is only gifted to special souls........ bt thn i guess in this sea of dead or rather sheltered and cocooned souls which are afraid to bare themselves to such experiences it might be sometimes lonely....bt thn brave souls are always lonely no matter where they are.......