Dec 27, 2008

Messed with Shopping???

Way back, I had written an article on 'Shopping Management'. Thought, I should share it here but to be honest, there is little that I have myself learned from it....Not because the message is not substantial but just because 'It has always been difficult to switch habits'. For all shopping maniacs like me, I hope it would be of some help.

I wonder why shopping seems to be such an onerous task, at hand. You start at the North pole and even before you are half done, you realize you have already hit the South pole. Isn't that amazing??? Huh? 'Extremes' - Isn't that weird? Instead of the customer dictating the choices, the choices themselves take control of the consumer spends. Why is it that most of the times, we fail to exercise control on 'What is that we really need?' Is that true that we really don't know or we don't care to? At times, I feel may be the customers are so frequently bombarded with sooo many choices that they stop thinking through and even realizing 'What is it that they really need?, 'What's it that they want? et cetra...

Moreover, the advent of e-commerce and shopping websites, price comparison engines and product and service specific portals have been providing way too much information, than is really required for a purchase to happen. So, the same has to be applied somewhere, if not really as a part of making shopping decisions since most of the buyers belong to the category of "Impulsive Shoppers'. However, without delving further into the shoppers behavior, purchasing habits and attributes, I would rather leave this open for the consumers to build, test and develop.

My job is DONE!!! If you can really apply the learnings from the article, I am sure you would at least manage to minimize and sort out some of the mess. I have done my bit by helping you out, clear the clutter and lower your bills. You need to take the lead from hereon...

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