Dec 27, 2008

I'm Painted Black

I look up at the seamless sky
And each time, I wonder why
I have no place to go……..........

I gaze through the green grass
And after a bit, I realize ‘Alas’
What is that I have done, all through?

No silence, no words
No vice and no virtue
No faith and no treason
No climate, no season
No change, no fruition
No envy, no love
No dusk and no dawn
No passion, no pride
No joy and no ride
No comments, no quotes
No prelude and no notes

There seems to be a vacuity,
I don’t envy this space…
But that’s not where I belong,
And that’s not my song…

I’ve been longing to live
I’ve been dying to love,
I’ve been crying in pain
Oh, I’ve been so insane……..

Do you see through my eyes?
Can you feel my touch?
Don’t you think I need solace?
Do you see me ‘Alive’?
Do you think….I’m stuck?

What is it that I really want?
Where had I been? The memories run scant,
Why did I think so? Why had I done that?
Looking back, I don’t know from where did it start?

Someone, just said – That I’m painted Black!
Yeah, I’m Painted Black…
I don’t seem to remember when,
But I’m Painted Black
That’s why I have been so sad,
May be 'You Painted Me Black'

1 comment:

  1. well written.. deserves to be made a song out of!