Dec 22, 2008


They say, I can see and feel
I have the powers to touch and heal
For a minute, it sounds so real
But then, when I look around me
I realize, that's not the deal

If I could hold and sense the energy
Shouldn't I be empathetic to all that exists?
I could have been a spiritual adviser
And would have made sure truth and love persist

There are times when I feel sick to see misery and pain
And there are flashes that resemble butterflies in light & rains
I sense movement and stillness
And at times, I can relay events
From the past, in the present and the future tense

They say its because, I am child and yet naive
But I feel, i can see and feel cause I'm brave
I am honest but psychic, I am open but tuned
I relish the freedom yet I am not ruined
I am yet not the thick skinned,
I am deeply connected....
I am not sheltered yet I am protected

I communicate my gut instincts and I care to listen
To my feelings & impressions and at times, I'm smitten
I project beyond my physical existence
I can see my fellas when they are not around
I can hear my mother laughing or crying
I can feel my brother's pain and delight
I can live my friends sorrows and plights
I can manifest and I do have escapades
I live many lives and die many deaths

I feel it's real but how I wish, I could heal
I wish my clairsentience had a stronger appeal!!!

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