Dec 28, 2008

Adieu 2008!!!

The year 2008 marks an epoch of highs and lows. We suffered endless blows but thankfully, we recuperated every time. It was a year that tested the nation’s and nationals’ endurance, faith, patience, opportunism, awakening and a lot more. What a year that was? We started on an optimistic note with the Sensex soaring to 20,000, medals at Olympics, educational reforms and what further followed was a global recession, dwindling economy, gruesome episodes of rampage and terrorism, weak leadership, economy mismanagement and poverty alleviation.

Let’s us bask in the glory of the triumphs and look back, analyze, think through and readdress the failures……………After all, as its always said - "Freedom in the real sense should let us err"

Adios 2008... ..........


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  1. i didn't hd known this........person which i experiencing on reading ur blog.... really ur amazing & single piece so talented clersiy minded ... hat's off for ur intellegensia..... :-)