Dec 28, 2008

Adieu 2008!!!

The year 2008 marks an epoch of highs and lows. We suffered endless blows but thankfully, we recuperated every time. It was a year that tested the nation’s and nationals’ endurance, faith, patience, opportunism, awakening and a lot more. What a year that was? We started on an optimistic note with the Sensex soaring to 20,000, medals at Olympics, educational reforms and what further followed was a global recession, dwindling economy, gruesome episodes of rampage and terrorism, weak leadership, economy mismanagement and poverty alleviation.

Let’s us bask in the glory of the triumphs and look back, analyze, think through and readdress the failures……………After all, as its always said - "Freedom in the real sense should let us err"

Adios 2008... ..........



Here is a b'ful response to some random thoughts I shared, a while back. For those who read and understand Urdu poetry, it's a must read -----

Suna hai log usay aankh bhar kay dekhtey hain
So, uskay shahar mein kuch din thehar ke dekhtey hain,

Suna hai rabt hai usko kharab haloon se,
So apnay aap ko barbad kar kay dekhtey hain

Suna hai dard ki gahak hai chashm-e-naz us ki,
So hum bhi uski gali say guzar ke daikhtay hain

Suna hai usko bhi hai sher-o-shairee say shagaf,
So hum bhi mojzay apnay hunar ke dekhtey hain

Suna hai bolay to batoun say phool jhartay hain,
Ye baat hai to chalo baat kar ke dekhtey hain

Suna hai raat usay chand takta rehta hai,
Sitarey bahme falak se, utar ke dekhtey hain

Suna hai din ko usay titliyan satatee hain
Suna hai raat ko jugnu thehar kay dekhtey hain

Suna hai us kay badan ki tarash aisee hai,
Kay phool apni qabahain utaar key dekhtey hain

Suna hai uskay shbistan say mutassil hai bahisht,
Makeen udhar kay bhee, jalway idhar dekhtey hain

Suna hai woh rukay to gardishan us ka tawaf karti hain,
Chaley to usko zamaney thehar kay dekhtey hain,

Kissay naseeb kay bepairhan ussey dekhtey hain,
kabhi kabhi daro deewar ghar ke dekhtey hain,

Kahanian he sahee, sub mubaalgay he sahee,
Agar woh khwab hai, to tabeer kar ke dekhtey hain

Ab us kay shaher main theharein kay kooch kar jaayein?
Faraz aoo sitaarey safar key dekhtey hain..............

My 'Dogmas' & 'Tenets'

For those who care to dare
There is nothing Wrong
Just in case, you only fear
Nothing was ever Right!

You choose to Loose, or try to win
You control your destiny, you are the king

Be in Charge or cease to exist
Love the game or tease the twist

No mercy, no Sin
No pain, no grin

I'm Painted Black

I look up at the seamless sky
And each time, I wonder why
I have no place to go……..........

I gaze through the green grass
And after a bit, I realize ‘Alas’
What is that I have done, all through?

No silence, no words
No vice and no virtue
No faith and no treason
No climate, no season
No change, no fruition
No envy, no love
No dusk and no dawn
No passion, no pride
No joy and no ride
No comments, no quotes
No prelude and no notes

There seems to be a vacuity,
I don’t envy this space…
But that’s not where I belong,
And that’s not my song…

I’ve been longing to live
I’ve been dying to love,
I’ve been crying in pain
Oh, I’ve been so insane……..

Do you see through my eyes?
Can you feel my touch?
Don’t you think I need solace?
Do you see me ‘Alive’?
Do you think….I’m stuck?

What is it that I really want?
Where had I been? The memories run scant,
Why did I think so? Why had I done that?
Looking back, I don’t know from where did it start?

Someone, just said – That I’m painted Black!
Yeah, I’m Painted Black…
I don’t seem to remember when,
But I’m Painted Black
That’s why I have been so sad,
May be 'You Painted Me Black'

Dec 27, 2008

Messed with Shopping???

Way back, I had written an article on 'Shopping Management'. Thought, I should share it here but to be honest, there is little that I have myself learned from it....Not because the message is not substantial but just because 'It has always been difficult to switch habits'. For all shopping maniacs like me, I hope it would be of some help.

I wonder why shopping seems to be such an onerous task, at hand. You start at the North pole and even before you are half done, you realize you have already hit the South pole. Isn't that amazing??? Huh? 'Extremes' - Isn't that weird? Instead of the customer dictating the choices, the choices themselves take control of the consumer spends. Why is it that most of the times, we fail to exercise control on 'What is that we really need?' Is that true that we really don't know or we don't care to? At times, I feel may be the customers are so frequently bombarded with sooo many choices that they stop thinking through and even realizing 'What is it that they really need?, 'What's it that they want? et cetra...

Moreover, the advent of e-commerce and shopping websites, price comparison engines and product and service specific portals have been providing way too much information, than is really required for a purchase to happen. So, the same has to be applied somewhere, if not really as a part of making shopping decisions since most of the buyers belong to the category of "Impulsive Shoppers'. However, without delving further into the shoppers behavior, purchasing habits and attributes, I would rather leave this open for the consumers to build, test and develop.

My job is DONE!!! If you can really apply the learnings from the article, I am sure you would at least manage to minimize and sort out some of the mess. I have done my bit by helping you out, clear the clutter and lower your bills. You need to take the lead from hereon...

Dec 22, 2008


They say, I can see and feel
I have the powers to touch and heal
For a minute, it sounds so real
But then, when I look around me
I realize, that's not the deal

If I could hold and sense the energy
Shouldn't I be empathetic to all that exists?
I could have been a spiritual adviser
And would have made sure truth and love persist

There are times when I feel sick to see misery and pain
And there are flashes that resemble butterflies in light & rains
I sense movement and stillness
And at times, I can relay events
From the past, in the present and the future tense

They say its because, I am child and yet naive
But I feel, i can see and feel cause I'm brave
I am honest but psychic, I am open but tuned
I relish the freedom yet I am not ruined
I am yet not the thick skinned,
I am deeply connected....
I am not sheltered yet I am protected

I communicate my gut instincts and I care to listen
To my feelings & impressions and at times, I'm smitten
I project beyond my physical existence
I can see my fellas when they are not around
I can hear my mother laughing or crying
I can feel my brother's pain and delight
I can live my friends sorrows and plights
I can manifest and I do have escapades
I live many lives and die many deaths

I feel it's real but how I wish, I could heal
I wish my clairsentience had a stronger appeal!!!