Nov 12, 2008

Remnants of our Love

Walking by the mountain
Running through the beach,
Chasing down the memory lane
I still see you the same

Speeding your car,
And hitting the bar,
And calling to tell me,
Baby, I missed you this hour!

Dancing all night, never out of my sight
Dressing to kill, flying for thrills
Playing the tricks and being that gimmick

Do I have to tell you –
How much I miss your love and your care?
How much I crave for you to be here?

I have been dying to get, just a glimpse of you,
And, I am living on the hope that Love is TRUE

Are you there...... would you just say?
Would you be waiting, on till today?

After all that I did, to smash your faith
After all the debase and all the disgrace,

Are you still there, for me?
And are you waiting to be?

I just wonder how these months flew away,
And all this while, you managed to keep at bay

Did you never miss me, when I was out of sight?
Are your dreams, not there? Has your love deprived?
Are you over it, today?
Have my memories run away?

Just in case, you ask me - I'm still there
Waiting for you and hoping you'll come near

I wanna walk with you, on the sand
I wanna talk all day, hand in hand
I wanna listen to you again,
You sharing your daily, inane complaints
And me, playing your critic and defendant
I wanna see you crazy again,
Love me like there's no tomorrow
And love me on, like we were born insane
And dream of our life, every inch, every grain

I wanna feel your arms and rest there for a while,
I wanna see thru your eyes and make you smile
I wanna feel you the same & breathe in life
I just wish to be your bride and be with you, tonight

I need to tell you, what a moron I have been
I wanna apologize, for the days I was unkeen
The days, I was running away, all the way
For I really didn’t know, if you would loose my way

And I remember still, you holding on to me
When I would doubt your patience and love for me,
I would always wonder, if it was for real
Would it last that long and hold the appeal?

But now when I look back,
I know what you meant
I didn’t give it the chance,
But now, I just repent………..............

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