Nov 28, 2008

The India of My Dreams???

The Bloodshed, the Gunfires
The Grenades and the Massacres
The Sinking in of the Terror
And yet no spotting of the Error?

The Error with the Security, the Error with the Elections
The Error with the System and the Error with Politicians

Is that the India of My Dreams?
Is that the India, in your dreams?
Marooned with painful shrieks and screams
The ravaged spirits and ridiculed realms

'No More’, we scream and we need to be loud
So loud that they know, there are no doubts
No more peace talks that end in vain,
No more chivalry if they are all insane

We need to reaffirm, and we need to stand up
Our own roots have shun, no more panic and spun
We need re-assurance and we need real action
Without which there shouldn't be any room for elections

We won’t let us be persecuted and victimized
No more fake promises, nothing else politicized
No lackadaisical security, no differences while frisking
When we all know, what is that we have been risking?

Let’s pledge for an India, where there is no apathy
And no fooling around in the name of tolerance......
No slack in the legal system, for the sake of politicians
No negotiation with terrorists, no absence of policing....
No ignorance of the havoc, evoked by free movement across borders
No interference of politics, in the functioning of defense forces
And sound investments in intelligence, security and training
No agnostic psyche that refuses to stand up, together and united
No living in denial, just because we were not personally attacked
No space for a citizenry that doesn’t realize the pain of a 'NATION'
No tickets and no polls, for those who deny proactive actions.

Let’s work together for the "INDIA" of our dreams,
The India of my dreams & India of your dreams!!!
Let’s bring back to it, its strength in varsity
Its love and solidarity, without compromising on security
Let’s be one, be responsible and be an Indian, in essence
Let the world know, we can hurt as much as we know to love

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