Nov 18, 2008

'DOSTANA': Do you approve of the doormat treatment Priyanka Chopra is being met out with?

Last weekend, I managed to catch the 9:15 show of 'DOSTANA', another Karan Johar movie. Though, am not essentially a Karan Johar fan or the typical audience type who relish watching the oversold and repetitive releases under the genre 'drama'.

But, I must admit --- I am one of the many admirers of John Abraham. (The hot model with perfectly chiseled abs and subtly intense eyes). Simply 'too hot to melt your heart, with that cynical cynosure with his eyes'. Shot in the luscious locations of Miami, the movie is as good as it can be, until its the climax. It's only then you feel, what a waste of a great storyline, direction and performances? Is Indian cinema somewhat incapable of trying more rational endings?

For those who have had the chance to watch the movie, they would know who really deserved being with the girl, at the end of all this. Any guesses, here???

Well, the only and the unparalleled contender who really should have walked away with the girl shouldn't have been someone other than Karan. (The character played by John) Again, not just because I admire him for his carved six packs and the well toned body, rather for reasons that bring logic to the forplay of script.

While all these three dudes are trying hard for this fergilicious girl, 'Neha' played by Priyanka Chopra, the only effort that says it loud and clear is 'when John breaks through all barriers of inhibition and locks lip with Abhishek Bachan, just to make sure that the lady love forgives and forgets, all that they shouldn't have done and continues to be a part of their life. I have hardly known any men, who would dare the act of kissing a male friend for whatsoever reasons......I hope all men out there, do agree unless they are gay and they like the act, otherwise. No offenses meant!!!

Was it at all justified on 'Bobby Deol's part in the movie, to committ to a girl and then turn down the proposal only because his 4 year old kid, is not approving of this matrimony. What a mpckery of a woman's feelings? And to add to everything, he clearly accepts the fact that he would have never ever done what Karan did, to be accepted by Priyanka, as the buddies they used to be in their good old days. Moreover, at one of the dinner dates, the script shows Booby Deol quoting: 'I would never ask you to change beacuse I love you but I will make sure that I change myself, to deserve your love and you in my life'. If that was true, how could ge say no to the girl after proposing her in the public and trying every possible thing, to make the girl confide in him till one day he chooses to call it off, for reasons as absurd as they could be.

And moreover, to add to everything 'Neha' acts like the typical dumb and weak girl who lets a man call in and call off from a relationship as and when he feels like, depending on his circumstances. The man who goes by others' judgments and predicaments to get his lady love. And all the more, a man who is not even able to hold onto the promises made to the girl, he claims to be loving. The script, more towards post interval and the climax are clearly demeaning the equations of Love and Committments, all the more by making Bobby walk away with the girl..I am sure, it could have been better.

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