Nov 28, 2008

The India of My Dreams???

The Bloodshed, the Gunfires
The Grenades and the Massacres
The Sinking in of the Terror
And yet no spotting of the Error?

The Error with the Security, the Error with the Elections
The Error with the System and the Error with Politicians

Is that the India of My Dreams?
Is that the India, in your dreams?
Marooned with painful shrieks and screams
The ravaged spirits and ridiculed realms

'No More’, we scream and we need to be loud
So loud that they know, there are no doubts
No more peace talks that end in vain,
No more chivalry if they are all insane

We need to reaffirm, and we need to stand up
Our own roots have shun, no more panic and spun
We need re-assurance and we need real action
Without which there shouldn't be any room for elections

We won’t let us be persecuted and victimized
No more fake promises, nothing else politicized
No lackadaisical security, no differences while frisking
When we all know, what is that we have been risking?

Let’s pledge for an India, where there is no apathy
And no fooling around in the name of tolerance......
No slack in the legal system, for the sake of politicians
No negotiation with terrorists, no absence of policing....
No ignorance of the havoc, evoked by free movement across borders
No interference of politics, in the functioning of defense forces
And sound investments in intelligence, security and training
No agnostic psyche that refuses to stand up, together and united
No living in denial, just because we were not personally attacked
No space for a citizenry that doesn’t realize the pain of a 'NATION'
No tickets and no polls, for those who deny proactive actions.

Let’s work together for the "INDIA" of our dreams,
The India of my dreams & India of your dreams!!!
Let’s bring back to it, its strength in varsity
Its love and solidarity, without compromising on security
Let’s be one, be responsible and be an Indian, in essence
Let the world know, we can hurt as much as we know to love

Nov 18, 2008

'DOSTANA': Do you approve of the doormat treatment Priyanka Chopra is being met out with?

Last weekend, I managed to catch the 9:15 show of 'DOSTANA', another Karan Johar movie. Though, am not essentially a Karan Johar fan or the typical audience type who relish watching the oversold and repetitive releases under the genre 'drama'.

But, I must admit --- I am one of the many admirers of John Abraham. (The hot model with perfectly chiseled abs and subtly intense eyes). Simply 'too hot to melt your heart, with that cynical cynosure with his eyes'. Shot in the luscious locations of Miami, the movie is as good as it can be, until its the climax. It's only then you feel, what a waste of a great storyline, direction and performances? Is Indian cinema somewhat incapable of trying more rational endings?

For those who have had the chance to watch the movie, they would know who really deserved being with the girl, at the end of all this. Any guesses, here???

Well, the only and the unparalleled contender who really should have walked away with the girl shouldn't have been someone other than Karan. (The character played by John) Again, not just because I admire him for his carved six packs and the well toned body, rather for reasons that bring logic to the forplay of script.

While all these three dudes are trying hard for this fergilicious girl, 'Neha' played by Priyanka Chopra, the only effort that says it loud and clear is 'when John breaks through all barriers of inhibition and locks lip with Abhishek Bachan, just to make sure that the lady love forgives and forgets, all that they shouldn't have done and continues to be a part of their life. I have hardly known any men, who would dare the act of kissing a male friend for whatsoever reasons......I hope all men out there, do agree unless they are gay and they like the act, otherwise. No offenses meant!!!

Was it at all justified on 'Bobby Deol's part in the movie, to committ to a girl and then turn down the proposal only because his 4 year old kid, is not approving of this matrimony. What a mpckery of a woman's feelings? And to add to everything, he clearly accepts the fact that he would have never ever done what Karan did, to be accepted by Priyanka, as the buddies they used to be in their good old days. Moreover, at one of the dinner dates, the script shows Booby Deol quoting: 'I would never ask you to change beacuse I love you but I will make sure that I change myself, to deserve your love and you in my life'. If that was true, how could ge say no to the girl after proposing her in the public and trying every possible thing, to make the girl confide in him till one day he chooses to call it off, for reasons as absurd as they could be.

And moreover, to add to everything 'Neha' acts like the typical dumb and weak girl who lets a man call in and call off from a relationship as and when he feels like, depending on his circumstances. The man who goes by others' judgments and predicaments to get his lady love. And all the more, a man who is not even able to hold onto the promises made to the girl, he claims to be loving. The script, more towards post interval and the climax are clearly demeaning the equations of Love and Committments, all the more by making Bobby walk away with the girl..I am sure, it could have been better.

Nov 12, 2008

Remnants of our Love

Walking by the mountain
Running through the beach,
Chasing down the memory lane
I still see you the same

Speeding your car,
And hitting the bar,
And calling to tell me,
Baby, I missed you this hour!

Dancing all night, never out of my sight
Dressing to kill, flying for thrills
Playing the tricks and being that gimmick

Do I have to tell you –
How much I miss your love and your care?
How much I crave for you to be here?

I have been dying to get, just a glimpse of you,
And, I am living on the hope that Love is TRUE

Are you there...... would you just say?
Would you be waiting, on till today?

After all that I did, to smash your faith
After all the debase and all the disgrace,

Are you still there, for me?
And are you waiting to be?

I just wonder how these months flew away,
And all this while, you managed to keep at bay

Did you never miss me, when I was out of sight?
Are your dreams, not there? Has your love deprived?
Are you over it, today?
Have my memories run away?

Just in case, you ask me - I'm still there
Waiting for you and hoping you'll come near

I wanna walk with you, on the sand
I wanna talk all day, hand in hand
I wanna listen to you again,
You sharing your daily, inane complaints
And me, playing your critic and defendant
I wanna see you crazy again,
Love me like there's no tomorrow
And love me on, like we were born insane
And dream of our life, every inch, every grain

I wanna feel your arms and rest there for a while,
I wanna see thru your eyes and make you smile
I wanna feel you the same & breathe in life
I just wish to be your bride and be with you, tonight

I need to tell you, what a moron I have been
I wanna apologize, for the days I was unkeen
The days, I was running away, all the way
For I really didn’t know, if you would loose my way

And I remember still, you holding on to me
When I would doubt your patience and love for me,
I would always wonder, if it was for real
Would it last that long and hold the appeal?

But now when I look back,
I know what you meant
I didn’t give it the chance,
But now, I just repent………..............