Oct 24, 2008

The Halloween Kickass Outfits

Halloween is just around the corner .........Well, your chance to scare one and scare awl, with ur charm and grace and that witch like ace!!! Ooooooo.......it's already steaming ;)

To get going:

  • Pick up the best Halloween parties happening in de town
  • Pick an interesting one: with costumes and creativity a MUST
  • Confirm your presence
  • Pick your stick: Devil? Demon? Witch? Monster? Nymph? Fairy? Temptress?
Just let your eyeballs roll over, let your imagination fly high n dress 2 KILL!!! :>

Let me help you with a phew: See for yourself if you wish to be a bitchy siren or a sultry egyptian or just a fairytale queen .....Hv fun and awl de best!