Jan 31, 2020


Truth was Everything
Till We Knew Not-Hating

When Freedom Was Real
Homes & Humans Did Feel
When Men Had Chivalry
And Women, No Rivalry
When Angels and Demons, Existed Minus Wings
LV, Gucci and Prada Were Not the Only Slings
When Shrinks Didn't Own The Stage
History Was Learnt Thru Every Page
When Friends Stood Together
Untouched By Political Weather
When Conversations Mattered
And Silence wasn't Tethered
When Twitter Trends Didn't Cloud Our Choices
Apparently, We had Our Independent Voices
And Leaders Didn't Speak of Rhetoric,
Sense Prevailed in Geography & Civics
And Mirrors Could Reveal A Mask
Faking was Then, A Tougher Task

When This Nation Was One
And In a Chorus, we Sung
Tagore's National Anthem
And The Tales of Freedom
Unity Was The Constitutional Right
Peace by large, Guarded Our Fight
Festivals Were, A Public Holiday
We Came Together,
To Eat, Laugh and Pray
Then, One Fine Day,

We Got To Choose.....
Our Clowns, Their Shows
The Prologue to Our Next
Saffron With Our Index
The Mansplaining And Bigotry
Not Debates, The Whataboutery
Hindu Rashtra And Polarisation
Outrage As The New Sensation
The News Rooms Turning into Battlefields
And Majoritarianism As Their Bespoke Shields

Those Dissenting Were Reduced to Pimps & Bitches
Nationalism Was Charred With Capitalist Stiches
Mob Lynching, Corruption and Hopelessness Rode High
Economy, Healthcare, Poor Peasants Heaving A Sigh

We Began Asking The Right Questions Again,
While They Tamed Us To Neglect What Pains
Their Failed Promises Were Replaced By Truce
Facts Like Swords, Cld  Actually Cut Through
Huh! Entitled to Just Hang Our Heads in Shame
Anti-Nationals, Urban Naxals added to our Names

This Time, None of This Made Us Feel Offended
We Ensured, Our Futures Don't Lie Suspended
We Came Together And Shed Our Communal Skins
Our Slogans Held Them Accountable For Everything
From Streets To Classes, We Raised Our Voices
Our Expectations Had To Match Up Our Choices
Wisdom Was No Longer Chained To Success
And Love My Dear! Could Not Be This Mess
With Demonetisation, Beti Bachao, Bullet Trains Undressed 
We As A Nation, Woke Up To Measure The Real Progress!!!

Nov 18, 2019

The Magical Words

There is depth & there is meaning,
There is length...At times, a leaning!

They sing in rythms.
They can dance in prose.
They speak in statements that may offer blows.

Of stories that they wrote, and
Rumors that kept them afloat.
In present they serve,
Of moments they preserve.

More often than not, they help us deal.
Words have an inherent power to heal.
Words as they say, are so absolute.
Words also are, remote and recluse.

They ascribe fears,
While they invite dears.
They create picturesque illusions.
They make us appear as demons.

They are the mirrors to our soul,
When we let them unite as whole.

Victory or Loss,
Gentle or Gross...
Fabrication of Dreams,
Mystic in some realms.

Carved in the curve of lips.
Along those cheekbone dips
Etched in closed eyes or firm grips.
They tell tales of unrequiited trips.

They can paint the pain. They converse in bliss.
There is still hope when you can feel their crisis.

Their is minimal said & a lot left unspoken.
Its an unending thread of human emotions.

Words pour in as the journey of a life, begins.
We fall short of them when confessing to sins.

We judge them often, with situational lenses.
But words are best in serenity of real senses.

Let them make you, break you, shake you.
Let them fail you, pick you and drag you.

Trust that someday,
They shall set you free.
From fables & folklores ....
They will just let you be!

Sep 20, 2017

सुकून रहने दो

रेशम में लिपटे हुए, वो करते हैं यूँ,
उलझनों से आज़ादी की ख्वाइश
जैसे लोहे की जंजीरों ने की हो,
अपने ही किसी क़ैदी के.......
रियाही की फरमाइश

वो जो बेजार सा आइना है,
तेरे दीवार की रौनक समेटे
कहीं दफ़्न है, उसके बज़्म में
मेरे माहरूफ़ तेरी,
साज़ की नुमाइश

कभी इत्मीनान में हो तो,
उसकी वो दीवार बदलना
अपनी देहलीज़ से दूर
किसी बेगानी हद में, वरना
फिर शायद,
तुम्हारे अक्स में ही,
क़ैद रह जाए,
तुम्हारी अहमियत के,
राज़ का तज़ुर्बों में ढलना

फिदरत है, ये फिक्र की
वो ज़िक्र के अंदाज़ में,
हर दफा बुनती है तिशनगी
पर फासलों में ही रिहा होती है,
जो क़ैद है, ये अधूरी सी ज़िन्दगी

जाते लम्हों को गुज़र जाने दो,
आते लम्हों पे ठहरना नहीं
स्याही से थोड़ा जूझ लेना,
हो दरकार जो गुमनामी की,
किस्सों से आज़ाद रहना,
जो हरकत में हो ज़िन्दगी
क्यूंकि महरूम रह जातें हैं,
वो जो क़ैदी वक़्त के हों

हमें ताज्जुब-ऐ-आरुफ़ पे नहीं,
महफूज़-ऐ-मिन्नत से होती है
या तो यूँ करते हों गुफ़्त्गू
अनजान रहके, मैं और तू
की ज़ानिब-ऐ-मंज़िल
किसी ख्वाब सी हो,
जिसपे नुसरत-ऐ-दस्तख़
बेआवाज़ ही हो

क्या मुमकिन होगा?
रौशनी में तपिश ना हो
चाहतों में खलिश न हो,
और, ना रही हो
सिकंदर से,किसी को रंजिश
मुमकिन, इत्तेफ़ाक़ को भी नहीं
की झूठ पे चिलमन ना हो
या फिर,
दस्तूर-ऐ-तजवीज़ में शिकन

मंसूबों को मज़लिस से महरूम रहने दो
दो पल ही है ज़िन्दगी,जरा सुकून रहने दो